Acceptable Goods

Documents, apparel, printing supplies, wine & beer, home wares, flowers, packaged food, retail and bulk goods, building & electrical supplies, water based paints, packages of non-dangerous & non-hazardous goods and pallets of non-dangerous & non-hazardous goods.

Goods which may be carried by agreement

Pathology goods, printing ink, lithium batteries, aerosols, dry ice, small quantities of class 5, class 6.2, class 8 and class 9 dangerous goods - excluding asbestos.

For information or to arrange agreements, please contact


Livestock, immoral foods such as shark fins, jewellery, gold, silver articles, precious stones, bullion, cash. Banknotes, deeds, bonds, bill of exchange, or other documents representing money and travellers samples, hazardous goods, dangerous goods or materials that could be deemed as weapons.

Please contact if your required goods do not fall within the above categories.