Runs Optimisation

Mail Call has developed a purpose-built Runs Optimization System combining artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms and run sorting technology to ensure the most efficient distribution of work amongst the fleet and that the best route is constructed while considering delivery locations and delivery deadlines. This service is Ideal for a permanent driver fleet or hourly hire automated system.

Our system

  • Displays all timeslots available within the relevant day
  • Displays all jobs that need to be delivered within the selected timeslot
  • One-click auto allocation - distributing jobs across multiple runs based on the destination and total time allowed
  • Ability to drag and drop jobs between runs
  • Displays estimated total time needed to deliver all jobs and assigns drivers to runs
  • Prints run sheets and sends runs in a PDF file via email (to the warehouse manager etc)
  • Sends individual jobs and their details to drivers’ PDAs

For more information contact and we can arrange to have our runs specialist contact you.