What is WantItNow?

WantItNow is Australia’s fastest e-commerce delivery option and is powered by Mail Call Couriers. A few years ago Mail Call realised there was a huge gap in the Australian market for speedy delivery options for online purchases. Most retailers were offering delivery ranging from 2 to 15 days which is longer even than most overseas retailers. That’s when Mail Call came up with the idea of creating a product within the Mail Call brand that would offer a same day or 3-4 hour delivery option that retailers could offer to consumers in the metropolitan areas of Sydney and Melbourne.

WantItNow is the only same day courier service to provide instant online gratification for all shoppers needs by giving complete control to the consumer. With Mail Calls down to the minute tracking we can now offer consumers the ability to see a minute by minute countdown to the arrival of their new purchase.

We currently have almost 200 retailers offering the service with many more to come. Some retailers well-known for offering the WantItNow service are The Iconic, Cue, Glassons, Bras N Things, Styletread, Glue Store and Hello Molly.

What delivery options are available?

We have 4 options available for retailers to offer, depending on what they can fulfill operationally. They are:

  • 3–4 Hour delivery
  • Same day delivery
  • Evening deliveries
  • Time slots of 4 hours each in the morning or afternoon

So how does it work?

Consumers simply go to www.wantitnow.com.au and choose from our list of retailers that offer the service, or directly to their favorite retailer — assuming they offer the service of course! Once they have selected all their items for purchase, all that is required is to complete the checkout process as usual and select the relevant WantItNow service when choosing the delivery method. Depending on what the retailer is offering, the consumer will receive their purchase within 3-4 hours, by the end of the day, or in a designated time slot window.

Visit www.wantitnow.com.au to find out more about the service and our retailers.