Why we are different

Mail Call prides itself on not being a traditional courier company — we like to think we push the boundaries, and we do so to offer our customers a premium service and outstanding customer experience. How do we do this? In a number of different ways…

Key Accounts Program

This offers our Key Accounts full end-to-end management of their account, with complete visibility over all aspects. A dedicated Key Accounts Manager is allocated to the customer and is responsible for all reporting, including Quarterly Business Reviews, financials, service components, integrations and system needs, relationships, expansion, tender and review processes — this allows us to truly understand your business and tailor our services to fully meet your needs.

Premium Vertical Solutions

Designed to meet the specific needs of customers who fall in our key verticals including Medical, Legal and Financial. Solutions are created in conjunction with the client to ensure individual needs are met. Solutions could include such things as multi-account booking portals, internal booking systems to lock down jobs by matter code/person requesting the booking/department etc, bespoke service offerings such as Patient on Table deliveries for truly urgent deliveries when a life is literally in our hands, bulk booking portals, ecommerce solutions for home deliveries and real time, two way communication with consumers. All our solutions have been borne from a specific client need, so if we don’t already have a solution, why not work with us to create something that will address your specific requirements?

Conceptual approach to sales and account management

We don't like to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to client needs. Your business is unique and your transport solution should reflect this. We take the time to understand your specific set of requirements and tailor a solution to meet those particular needs, ensuring you get a product that truly brings value to your business.

Customised Service Offering

In the same way we created the Patient on Table service for urgent medical deliveries, if you have a niche requirement within your business, we would be happy to work with you to develop a service solution to meet that need.

Specialised Customer Service Teams

Sometimes customer service queries are a lot more complex than a simple pick up or delivery ETA, and in these instances you need to speak with someone who understands your industry, needs and constraints. Someone who understands the impact we can have on your business as a whole. As such we have developed specialist teams, trained in the specifics of key verticals and their unique needs, to make sure client needs are met and exceeded in every instance. These teams are supported by generic customer service teams to ensure they are available when important and specialised queries come through.

Client Integrations

Many clients are now using internal systems that have the ability to integrate with ours to allow a seamless process flow from our clients system to our despatch systems via an API. Ecommerce customers have various plugins available to use for a truly simple integration. Our API allows for complex integrations with even bespoke systems. Integration includes benefits such as a reduction in staff time for our clients, reduction in manual keying errors, full, two-way, real time data stream for complete visibility and the ability to push the same to our client's customers.

Route Optimisation

Sophisticated software is used to ensure the most efficient route is used every time. It takes into consideration the parameters attached to every job to ensure delivery deadlines are met every time, and the most efficient route is followed. This information feeds directly back to our systems to allow for accurate minute by minute countdown to pick up and delivery.

Auto Allocation and Minute by Minute Tracking

A bespoke system that was borne out of a desire to remove favoritism and human intervention, and make an allocation decision based purely on the best outcome for the client. Making over 100 calculations per minute, the Auto Allocation System considers job volumes, individual driver loadings and efficiency ratings, traffic and weather conditions in any given area, service requirements and deadlines and so on, ensuring the best choice of courier is made for every booking. This, along with our route optimisation systems, monitors the progress of drivers and calculates travel times to give customers accurate countdowns to pick up and delivery. Two way communication via GPS and GPRS tracking ensures the latest information is always available.

Professional Courier Fleet

These days anyone with a license and a car can become a driver, whether it be for a ride sharing service, or a delivery one, but does that mean they are the best person to be delivering goods on your behalf, especially those of a sensitive nature? Mail Call only engages with professional and experienced drivers, who have been fully screened, inducted and trained before going anywhere near a client or their important goods.